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idk what to do with this blog :(


if youre not doing what you love than what is the fucking point.

What if TDS got back together?

That would be cool.

well this blog is just sad now. sigh.

im tired of always being second best

since everything this year has been a mess

half my families gone for good so here I sit 

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the world can take control but dont ever lose your heart


one of my favorite bands of all time is no longer a thing and it breaks my heart. these dudes got me so through so fucking much, mainly aj’s words. looking back, I cant imagine not having this band, I cant imagine what I would have done or who I’d be without aj’s lyrics to relate to. I feel blessed to have come across these guys when I did, I needed every word of every song to get me through some of the worst years of my life. I’ll be forever grateful for these dudes and everything they shared, its been so real. But I guess now even they have to move on with their lives, and as happy as I am for everyone, its sad as shit. It’s like a chapter is closing for me, and I am never ready to move on from anything. But life doesnt give a shit about any of us, so thats just life I guess. Best wishes to everyone of the dangerous summer, past and present band members, youre all amazing talents, and amazing human beings, and I hope the future is bright for you. Thanks for everything guys, its been real. -Tom

Much love. 

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Dear world,

I think it’s time to shed some light on my current situation with The Dangerous Summer. It’s hard to just sit here and let so many people live in the dark about what is going on.
6 months ago I made the decision to go home and be a father. Next month my daughter will be born, and I…

God damn it :(


My Hat / The Dangerous Summer

Remember when I made this? // The Dangerous Summer